eQuest Cleaning & Janitorial Work Order Management Software helps to gain and retain clients. Work Orders, Quality Assurance Inspections, Time & Attendance, and more.eQuest helps you gain new sales and retain existing clients.

What really differentiates you from the other contractors in a competitive bid situation? When all bidders' pricing is about the same and all bidders “talk” about how great their company is, the prospective client is left with making a gut decision on whom to award the contract. Why not make it easy on them and give them something tangible that will make your company clearly stand out from pack? Technology like eQuest is becoming commonplace in the market. Those who don't have it are at a huge disadvantage.

When making eQuest a part of your marketing campaign and bid presentations, you will make the prospective client's decision that much easier to award the contract to you. Your customers will quickly learn that eQuest is something that makes their job so much easier and so much more informed. When you show them all of the features that eQuest will assist them with like (logging in and seeing work orders with photos of the just completed work, sending you complaints, quote requests, ordering supplies from you, seeing instant results of quality assurance inspections, viewing MSDS sheets and so much more) you will make it clear that selecting your company over the others is an easy choice.

This is the way the industry is headed and the contractors who offer this type of technology are the ones whom will be looked at as the most professional and advanced contractors in the industry.

If you gain just one new client because you include eQuest as an added benefit to your service offerings, one new account may very well pay for your entire eQuest service fees, rendering eQuest FREE for your use with your entire company and client base.

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