eQuest SoftwareeQuest software is a cloud based work order and quality assurance application that is customized specifically for your company. We feature a robust set of management tools, but pride ourselves on offering a simple to use and streamlined interface.

This means that you can access eQuest from any computer with an active internet connection, anywhere in the world. This also means that you have no servers or other hardware to purchase and maintain. Back-ups of your data are automatically performed daily so you don’t have to worry about it. With eQuest, there are no large upfront capital investments to contend with. Purchasing traditional software typically requires spending large sums of money upfront. These types of software expenditures are typically required to be depreciated over several years. With eQuest, our service charges are fully deductible each year. (Check with your tax advisor to verify deductibility based upon your particular tax situation).


eQuest was developed because we couldn't find any user friendly solution available on the open market that provided all the necessary features needed to properly track and manage work orders for a service business. In eQuest, you can create, track, and document workflow just to name a few of our powerful advantages. eQuest strictly serves the service industry. Because of this, every function in our system has a very specific and useful benefit to our clients. A core objective when developing eQuest was to “Keep it simple”. We have achieved this objective by not having a bunch of complicated buttons and fields that you will never use.

eQuest does much more than just create work orders. eQuest also provides scheduling of your technicians, job costing, billing compilation, sales commission calculations and tracking, Quality Control inspection, financial and QC graphs and reports, before and after image documentation, Time & Attendance tracking, Mobile device app compatibility and much, much more.

With many different levels of permissions, certain users are restricted from viewing sensitive data. For instance, a field technician may be precluded from viewing sensitive financial information, like profits and billing rates, however an Admin user may have access to this information. A sales person cannot view another sales person’s accounts or commissions, but can see their own. Management can run reports to track service complaints by client, supervisor or technician, as well as many other variables. Many reports are presented in colorful pie charts and bar graphs. All charts & graphs are clickable and can be drilled down into for detailed basis data of what the report is comprised of.

The system also allows supervisors and managers to perform on-site quality control inspections (including customized inspections and forms) and enter these results directly into eQuest, on-site, via our exclusive Mobile App. In addition, technicians can apply their time and materials to a work order using the eQuest app on their smart phone or tablet. This data is immediately made available to your billing department back at the office. As your technician is driving off the client's property, your office personnel can be generating and mailing out your invoice. This invoice for the work just performed can be in the mail, or emailed to your client, before your technician returns back from the job. How's that for improving cash-flow?

Your clients can log into eQuest as well, to directly submit work orders, view scheduled work order events at their properties and communicate with you, the contractor. Clients can also request and track bids for work, upload images and files to be attached to their work orders as well as many, many other functions.

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